Community Trade Routes

Our community trade routes lists items that are available for free, purchase, or trade for our neighbors. Using the contact sheet is quick and easy.

Delivery and Listing

Come and pick up the goodies or we can deliver. *list your goods for others to see


Because what we list is fresh, check back quickly. Stock will come and go fast!

Big Harvest

Sometimes we have big harvests. We’ll announce on our channels when we have one.

Vegetable Harvest

We have a big garden. *Picture featured is actual vegetables. We list bundle and single items below, also…

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Big Harvest #4

Item: Tomatoes, Kale, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Squash, Onion Tops, Lettuce, Korean Squash
Stock: All Gone.
Price: Free
* bagged and rinsed, be sure to wash.

Contact - Big Harvest #4

13 + 15 =


Item: Bundles of 3-4 cucumbers
Stock: No
Price: Free
* not in stock

Contact - Cucumber Seller

6 + 5 =

Big Harvest #3

Item: Cucumbers, Celery, Zucchini, Pak Choi, Cilantro
Stock: All Gone
Price: Free
* not in stock

Contact - Big Harvest #3

12 + 11 =

Organic Eggs

Item: 1 dozen eggs
Stock: Sold Out
Price: $2.00
* Washed and in an carton

Contact - Egg Seller

15 + 12 =

Your life is a garden take care of it!

Harvests are quick and fast. They are best fresh, so check the site often. Please like our channels of Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter if you have them. It helps keep our site going and will notify you when the harvest is ready.


As soon as the season hits, we are going to have lots of these.

Walking Onions

Great for in-the-garden food storage. These onions taste great and plant themselves. *Learn More


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