A Business Sim / Tycoon with the depth of a visual novel. Start a company, hire a crew, and seek after riches. Meet unusual aliens and NPC’s with deep character development mechanics. Encounter disasters and fortunes through a random card system. Every time you play, it’s different.

Trade in planetary markets, go on T.V. to raise your popularity, build a fortune and then spend your wealth on items in the game including: new ships, gifts for companions, technology, trade permits, concept art, auctions, and even planets.

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Our packages no longer contain alpha testing. We are considering using Steam Early Access if we need more testers.



Any fan art submitted to the game will be considered for placement in galleries, black markets, planet stores, treasury, and auctions. Players can purchase with their mass riches of (Cryptos coins), your lavish and overly priced items.

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Fan Art Develpment Kit: Download Coming Soon!
Chibi Character Art:

* This page is temporarily hosted on the lifeguardner blog. As we are a small indie team, please be patient tell we have the means to set up a dedicated server for the game on our own site.

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