[This is a transcription of portions of the Video]

I wanted to show you my delicata plants that I grew last year. I just haven’t had time to go through all my videos and post them. The video shows the first year that I planted delicata squash.

The reason I chose to plant it, is because someone said it could be a good substitute for mashed potatoes. They grow pretty good-sized, and the plants produce lots of squash. It has a mild flavor. It’s not sweet like some other winter squashes… which I like. You can pick them while they’re young and eat the skin.

I tried one of these when it was a lot younger and I liked the way it tasted. I’m sure the older they are the more mature they are and the sweeter they will be.

Here are a couple of small ones that haven’t earned their stripes yet

This plant does pretty well and gave me quite a bit of squash. As you can see, this plant has grown quite tall.

Two things to help you get more squash is pruning and pollinating (as I show in the video). This is a picture of the female flower. it has a little squash on it’s stem. The male flower just has a stem. luckily I got them both at the same time. A lot of times you get a lot of male and without any female flowers and sometimes you get a lot of females without males so it’s really good to learn to hand-pollinate all your squash. You’ll get a lot more out of your plants if you do this.

You take a Q-tip and you can see how much pollen I’ve gotten on the end. Then take the Q-tip from the male flower to the female flower. I do this every morning throughout the season. That’s the first thing I do because the flowers will open early in the morning and you’ll get a lot more squash.

Okay back to the delicata squash. This is one of the ways that I’ve prepared it. I sliced it! As you can see it still has the skin and I rubbed a little bit of olive oil on it with spices and I baked it in the oven for 20 minutes. I like to delicata squash, but it was not the potato substitute I was looking for but I did get lots of squash that lasted in my garage for 4 to 6 months.

There is more information in the video, but here are a few other pictures of how I prepared different varieties of squash to eat. Steaming my winter squash is my favorite way to cook it. And spaghetti squash is one of my favorite because it’s the easiest to eat 🙂


  1. Winter squash good for food storage
  2. Pollinating and pruning equals better harvest
  3. Eat throughout season
  4. Steaming is easiest way to cook

I keep all my seeds so I can harvest, plant, and eat again next season!