[This is a transcription of portions of the Video]

Part of this video is from our “2019” Garden.

I went out and purchased a six-pack of celery, and then I harvested one or two stems off the young plants. I eat my celery in tuna, soups and salads.

With this amount of celery I can keep harvesting the whole season which is really nice. I can feed my family. At first it starts out with a small amount, but as the plant grows we harvest a lot more and it keeps producing. Don’t wait for a full stock to grow. 

By June 8th my celery has grown quite large. The stems are a nice size and I could harvest a lot right now.  we’ve been chopping and eating this celery often. It’s still a little bit strong taste for me but it’s a lot better than when I used to grow a whole stock. When I cook with it or put it in tuna I really can’t tell that much difference in taste, but if I were to put some peanut butter on it I can tell it’s a little bit stronger.

The reason I wanted to do a video on celery is because with a small amount of space you can get a lot of food. I started to harvest on April 30th and was still eating and harvesting June 30th. On July 16th my celery started going to seed, but there was a lot of celery we were eating. my plants were very large. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go out to nurseries to purchase celery this year so I decided to start my own. These are called “Celery Tall Utah”. They take a long time to germinate around 10 to 25 days so it’s a crazy amount of time. That’s why I always go out and buy some. I did try planting seeds this year and they worked out for me.

I started these February 12th and see how small they are now that it’s April 9th. If you can get your hands on a six-pack of plants, or if you know how to grow them, I would include these in your garden as a good survival food.


  1. Small space grows lots of food
  2. Harvest all season long
  3. Eat young, don’t wait for full stock
  4. Takes a long time to germinate (10-12 days)

If you have any questions, please let me know it the comments below.