[This is a transcription of portions of the Video]

My favorite broccoli is called Artwork Stir-Fry broccoli.

I got this at Home Depot (I want to provide a link, but mostly all the broccoli is sold out)

It’s from Bonnie Plants: https://bonnieplants.com/product/artwork-baby-broccoli/

Every year at the beginning of the Season around March and April I start getting excited about gardening and so I go to Home Depot and see if they have put out their cold hardy plant.

I like this broccoli because instead of focusing on a really huge head of broccoli you get a smaller head but you get tons of side shoots and that’s what I was looking for. I didn’t want to grow a broccoli that you just wait for this huge head to grow and then you’re done… I wanted to have broccoli all season.

Since this was my first time, I didn’t know how large the first broccoli head would be so the next day I came out and I decided to harvest them. As you can see, you’re starting to get little teeny yellow buds. As I have never done this, I thought this is as big as they’re going to get.

I thought they were pretty good size so May 16th was my first harvest with this broccoli. I tried to clip them where I would see other shoots coming up above that so I wouldn’t clip the ones that will be coming up next. I didn’t see many shoots at first, so I was wondering… I hope this isn’t all the broccoli I get.

I couldn’t find exactly when I had planted this broccoli but the earliest date I could find was maybe late March early April but it could have been earlier than that because I’m already harvesting May 15th

Now it’s May 24th I had my first harvest May 15th and look how much this has grown! This is the one I had left after I had cut the main head. I got quite a few little shoots coming up that look really nice so I’m going to harvest again today… I think these little side shoots are pretty good-sized some of these have gotten long and I would rather pick them more often then have to pick a whole bunch all at once.

I got quite a bit. Some of them I thought were too long. it is June 13th and I have already harvested four times. I’m still getting little shoots, it is June 30th, and we have been harvesting off this broccoli quite a bit. It’s got to the point where you can see the little clusters are kind of opening up because I just don’t Harvest these fast enough. We were gone and when we got back a lot of them had flowered. You can still eat it if it’s got little flowers on it, but it’s just hard for us to keep up.

That’s a good thing and means we’ve been getting food off of these all this time. it’s July 10th and I’m still harvesting broccoli. I cannot keep up with them! Many of them have gone to flower which looks really nice and a salad.

I started with one six pack of broccoli and I’ve been able to eat for a few months

I made a video July 10th and this is July 12th and I’m still haven’t harvested the broccoli for today. We’re going to harvest this a lot. It has gone to flower, but now it seems like we’re getting tons and tons and tons of little heads and you just don’t keep up with it!


I would probably consider this broccoli one of my survival Foods. If you are waiting just for the big head to eat… it would not qualify. What was good about this broccoli is:

  1. You can eat the flowers,
  2. Eat the shoots
  3. Eat the leaves
  4. Eat all of the plant

Up until the end of July we ate off this plant.

Artwork stir fry broccoli has become my favorite broccoli. This broccoli matures in 55 days, and because of the small heads, you will get to eat broccoli a lot earlier. This is the broccoli I will plant for my family every year.