These are the eight tomatoes I planted This year.they are easy to grow and I’ve had good results.

The Early Girl Tomato is my favorite. It’s a medium-sized Tomato that ripens early. I only have a small window for my growing season from 92-110 days. We can get frost anytime. Early Girl is not the biggest tomato, that’s why they fruit early and you get more tomatoes.

The Early Girl I like best is the Indeterminate variety which means it produces flowers and fruit until it is killed by frost. All the Tomatoes that I like are Indeterminate. I only grow Indeterminate. They don’t stop growing fruit and can grow up to 12′.

Determinate tomatoes or “bush” tomatoes, are varieties that grow to a compact height. Determinate stop growing when fruit sets on the top. They stop growing at about 3-4′. When buying your seeds, make sure to ask about Indeterminate Tomato varieties. Early girl has both varieties. 

Green Zebra Tomatoes are very fun. This is my first year planting these tomatoes. I had never tried green zebra before and I loved it. I was surprised it was very easy to grow. I did not start these plants from seed. I found them at a garden nursery. They turned out to be a lot better then I thought. They were so different I thought they would be harder to grow.

I love to make salsa and with these green tomatoes you can make a beautiful green salsa. I also made green enchilada sauce with them. Cut them in half and sprinkle with some sea salt. At first it was hard to tell when to pick them. When they started turning slightly yellow was the best time for me. I like them a little tart. Squeeze them to check out how firm they are. This variety is Indeterminate

SunSugar cherry Tomato are the favorite for our family and friends. Everyone that comes over and tries this tomato loves it. SunSugar has the sweetest flavor of all the cherry tomatoes that I grow. With it’s beautiful orange color it’s easy for my grandkids to find it in my garden making this tomato easy pickins.

If you haven’t tried growing cherry tomatoes they are very easy to grow. Usually cherry tomatoes start ripening earlier then the other tomatoes probably because they are small. SunSugar are easy to eat in salads, snacks and on the grill. Even though this variety is Indeterminate you can trim these plants to grow in pots. 



Yellow Pear Tomato! I especially grow this tomato for my granddaughter that loves it and eats it by the handful. I also have some friends that really likes this pear tomato. I love the color in the shape it has a mild sweet flavor. I prefer the taste when they are yellow and slightly green making them a little bit tart right before they have ripened all the way. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the taste. I left them on too long waiting for them to turn very bright yellow but now I picked them earlier.

They are not my favorite but they are the hardiest tomato I have ever seen. Last year I planted 2 yellow pair tomato plants: One in the outside garden the other in the greenhouse. my granddaughter had all she wanted.

I love making party trays with all the different cherry tomatoes, yellow, orange, and red everyone seems to enjoy my yellow pear tomato. This variety is Indeterminate.


Beefmaster Tomato is the biggest tomato in my garden. I usually don’t grow large tomatoes. These varieties have large tomatoes, but you don’t get too many out of each plant. The large tomatoes that I have grown usually have lots of cracks in them.

This year I tried something new, I pruned the tomato plant heavily always leaving 12 branches from the top and I only left 4 to 5 tomatoes on each cluster, that means I pruned lots of leaves and all the smaller tomatoes off each cluster. I got a lot more tomatoes off of these 2 plants. The tomatoes were a lot larger. Another thing I did was I pick them early so they had less cracks. *Pick them when they turn red but not fully ripened. This gave the plant more energy to grow more tomatoes. So at the end I had good success with this beefmaster tomato plant. This variety is Indeterminate. 


Large Red Cherry Tomato were the biggest cherry tomato I have ever seen. This red cherry is like a medium size tomato. I wanted to plant another red cherry tomatoes this year and I found the seeds in my seed storage. I decided to try them they were from the Livingston seeds company. It was very easy to grow,

The plants reached about 12′ and got lots of clusters of tomatoes. I prune to 12 branches from the top. They were so large I don’t know if I would consider them a cherry tomato but they were very Hardy and easy to grow. This variety is Indeterminate.




Juliet Tomato is one of my favorite tomatoes. I love the taste and size. They are larger then a grape tomato. I have grown some pretty good size Juliet. You can eat them like a cherry tomato, slice them in half and put them in salads. I like to use them for canning. They will stay on the vine for a longer period of time and I’ve notice at the end of the season they store a lot better then a regular cherry tomato.

Juliet start producing early in the season and they are a vigorous plant that will give you tons of tomatoes. They grow up to 12′ in my greenhouse and about 8′ in my backyard garden.  They grow taller in the greenhouse because I can start them earlier in the season. I grow them vertically 9” apart which gives me more tomato plants in my grow boxes. This variety is Indeterminate. 


Husky cherry Tomato. This is a beautiful tomato plant that has dark green leaves. The stems are thick with bright red cherry tomatoes clusters. The whole plant looks Husky. This plant is great for pots. The vines are a dwarf indeterminate so you get the best of both worlds. You get “Everbearing plants” that stay short and stocky for your pots.

They can stay 3 to 4 feet tall like a determinate tomato plant. I grown my Husky tomatoes vertically and they grow to about 8′. They can grow vertically or stay short for container gardens. They are good for small spaces and they will give you fruit for a long period of time. Yes this tomato is another one of my favorites. This variety is a dwarf Indeterminate.