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1 Corinthians 14-16

God is Not the Author of Confusion, but of Peace

Lesson Ideas:

1) What Would Happen (questions and role-play)

Start off with some interesting and fun questions to get the class to participate. Try to remember the hobbies and interests of the students in class.

– What would happen if it never rained again?
– What would happen if the world had no trees?
– What would happen if Jill had fox ears?
(because I know this is her favorite animal)
– What would happen it Cooper lived in a house made out of lego’s?
(this is his favorite toy)

Back to being serious
– What would happen if we didn’t have electricity?

[Comment] The whole world would change wouldn’t it?
[Question] What would happen if there were no resurrection?

To know what the world would be like without it, you first have to understand what resurrection is.

Is anyone in class confident enough to try to answer that question?

For the child who raises their hand, have them sit in the middle of class for a role-play. You represent someone who doesn’t know what resurrection is, not even the meaning of the word. As the child explains to you what it means, ask them questions or make statements that encourage learning.

2) What the Resurrection Means to Me

This section I would do after the role-play described above. I wanted to see how I would answer the question “What would happen if there were no resurrection?” Is it possible to

These are my thoughts:

Resurrection means to be restored to life. Having died, you come back to live again. Jesus Christ made this possible for us… but how did he do it!

Remember that Adam sinned, and because of sin he was cast out of the Garden of Eden and could not partake of the fruit of the tree of life and live forever. When Jesus lived on the earth he did not sin, no not even once. Because of this, he had power over death. It did not have a hold on him.

Jesus is the son of God. We are all children of Heavily parents, but on earth we have a mother and father. Christ does not have parents like you and I. He was born of his mother Mary and the Holy Spirit.

After his resurrection, Christ appeared to his apostles. He let them touch the scars on his hands and feet. He let Thomas touch his side where he was pierced with a spear. He asked for meat and he did eat. Something a spirit cannot do, but a body of flesh and bone.

Believing in the Resurrection gives me hope. It allows me to smile when bad things happen or when a loved one is lost. A strong feeling of love and peace comes to me when I think of the Savior’s gift. He said that resurrection is a gift to all of us. I think of the words in the scriptures which read: He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.



Taken from Church of Jesus Christ – gospel topics, I’ve made a handout for the class. The overview of the resurrection.

3) Story from Thomas S. Monson’s talk “Until We Meet Again”

This story is about President Monson’s childhood friend Arthur and Mrs. Patton

This download contains a service flag. Show the class the flag and ask what it means.

What does the star represent?

The story is summarized and starts as the blue star turns into gold after the tragic death of Mrs. Patton’s son Arthur. You may want to give an introduction so that the story is clear from the beginning.

Why is the Savior called the Prince of Peace?

How does the resurrection of the Savior bring peace to Mrs. Patton?

4) More Material Coming

I wanted to post what I have, but this weeks CFM  also covers baptism for the dead, and the three degrees of glory: celestial, terrestrial, and telestial. As I come up with more ideas, I will post them.

Leave a message in the comments if you liked any of the ideas or downloads. Let us know if you’d like us to make some materials specific to your lesson. We can do it! Your support is appreciated 🙂