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Romans 1-6

The Power of God Unto Salvation

Lesson Ideas:

1) How to Show Faith in Jesus Christ (younger/older children)

Lesson requires a seed and a small plant. Set a seed on the table. Strain really hard as you squint towards the seed. As the children are watching, strain again. Finally give out a sigh of relief. They may think it’s funny and wonder what it is you are doing. Time to ask the kids.

[QUESTION] Why isn’t the seed growing?

After they give their answer it may be possible to respond like this.

[RESPONSE] But I have faith that it will grow. I believe really hard. Isn’t all I have to do is have faith?

Have a discussion about faith and works. There is no separation between faith and works when it comes to gardening. I know for me, once I put in the effort of caring for my seeds, I thank my Heavily Father and ask Him that he will bless my garden that it will grow according to it’s design. This is especially important for farmers who’s livelihood depends on the harvest.

[QUESTION] How can the children show their faith in Jesus Christ?


James 2:18Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

Paul taught that the gospel has the power to bring salvation to everyone who lives by faith in Jesus Christ.

Show a small plant. It takes a lot of work from the plant to get from a seed to a plant.

You can also show a time lapse of a seed growing.

Notice at the :35 second mark the plants stall in growth. The spinach is trying to grow, but it also starts to have decay and bugs because it is malnourished. A seed comes with everything a plant needs to grow, but when it reaches a certain stage it will need outside nourishment.

This can relate to many things in your lesson. How parents teach their children in younger years, but when you get older, you will need to search for nourishment from other things such as scriptures, prayer, and going to the Temple. *Build your own faith in Jesus Christ.

2) I Walk by Faith (younger/older children)

Write these letters on the chalkboard taken from the primary teaching manual:

W b i G t E F a i H S J C a i t H G

Don’t fill in the words for them. Let the children guess. If they have trouble, let them know the capital letters are important words. For those who are getting the phrase more quickly, have them right on the chalkboard the word underneath the letter. Slowly they will get the whole phrase which is:

We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost”

Place a picture of Christ in the room.

[QUESTION] Ask the children if they can reach him from their seats?

[QUESTION] What does it take to reach the Savior?

You have to move your legs and take a step, Following Christ spiritually also takes takes one step at a time. We reach Him by having faith. We practice our faith by keeping the commandments.

There are several ways you can do this next part. Download the footsteps.

Write these answers on the footprints, and if they get it right, give them the footprint to place on the floor (as a step) towards the picture of Christ. You can leave the footprints blank if you want, and then write in answers that the children give you.

[DISCUSSION] Have the children think about what God has asked us to do to show our faith in Him.

– Pay our tithing
– Come to church
– Be baptized
– Take the sacrament
– Go to the temple
– Share the gospel
– Live by faith
– Follow the Word of Wisdom
– Read the scriptures
– Pray daily
– Watch for His coming

Using all the footprints makes it so the children reach the picture of Christ.

[QUESTION] Is doing what Jesus asked us to do, living by faith?

3) Make Posters in Class as a Reminder of Faith
In this activity, the children make a poster of what they can do to walk by faith and remember Jesus.

Step #1 – Print 1 copy of the Newness of Life poster.

Step #2 – Print 1 copy of the cutouts. Cut each piece out. The class is going to learn of faithful actions and then design the poster that you will scan and print. They don’t have to use all of them. A little further down I post an example of my poster.

[INSTRUCTIONS] Have the children discuss actions that show faith in Christ. Tape to the blank poster the pictures that the children think of and want for their design. *my sample design below

Two children kneeling = prayer

Money = pay tithing

Missionaries = missionary work

Two stone tablets = keep the commandments

Child and book = study the scriptures

Church build = keep sabbath day holy and attend meetings

Wheelchair = service and kindness

Temple = Attend the temple

After class, take the picture to the library scanner and print it for each child as a gift. Or you can print them during class and the activity will be to color them.

4) Paul Sends Letters to Teach the Saints (younger/older children)

While in Rome, Paul sent letters to teach the saints. In this activity you will read a portion of some of the words he wrote.

Cut out and crumple up Paul’s letters to make them look more authentic. Talk and teach about what Paul is writing to the saints

After you are finished with that, the kids will write their own letters.

– Think of something special for the kids to write in their letters that fit your lesson

– Consider who the letter is for: Parents, friend, a letter to themselves you will collect and give to them at the end of the year.

– Bring envelopes for the children to place their letters

– Make it fun with a wax stamp seal

5) Faith is like a plant that grows (younger/older children/adults)

As your chibi guardner knows, plants grow and they don’t stop. Take a tomato plant for instance. They grow like a vine. As long as they are taken care of with water and sunlight, they will grow as tall as a tree. *Mine touch the top of my greenhouse

Joseph F. Smith said “The true, pure, simple gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. We are responsible for maintaining it upon the earth.” He added, that the true, pure, and simple gospel is the “saving doctrines of Christ.” I would like to talk about Joy, Rejoicing, Thanksgiving, Cheerful Hearts, Glad Heart and a Cheerful Countenance and how we can put these attributes to work in our lives and how we can teach our families to be the same.

As an example of maintaining, ask the kids about something you maintain.

[QUESTION] How do you maintain a vehicle?
[QUESTION] What will happen to the vehicle if you stop maintaining it?

Supplemental Questions:

1) How would our lives be different if we did not have faith in Jesus Christ?

Scripture Prints from CFM Lesson:

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