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Acts 1-5

Ye Shall Be Witnesses Unto Me

Lesson Ideas:

1) Our Prophet and Apostles today (they are Witnesses)

Have the children learn the names of the Prophet and Apostles. Print out the sheet and have them match the name with the picture as they learn.

Who leads the Church when Christ is not on the earth?

How do they lead the Church?

2) Leaders of the Church matching game

Print two copies of the apostles and play a matching game. When someone makes a match, let them guess the name of the apostle and share something you know about them.

3) Teaching about Jesus

Show a picture of Christ and ask the class this question. Now that Christ will no longer be on the earth, who will teach about Jesus? After the answer, ask them: What will the apostles teach about Jesus?

Things the prophets and apostles teach today include:
– The Atonement
– Baptism
– Temple Work
– Faith
– Loving your neighbors
– Honoring the priesthood
– Preparedness
– The Second Coming
– Missionary Work

*This picture is a black and white version of the image found on churchofjesuschrist.org

4) A question asked three times – Missionary work

If you remember previous lessons, Jesus gave the commandment to “feed my sheep”. In this lesson the commandment is reinforced when Jesus asked Peter three times… Do you love me? Feed my sheep.

Ask the class this question. Do you love Jesus? Once they answer say, “Feed my sheep.” If there is a child particular keen on answering, come back to them again and ask, “Do you love Jesus?” Again ask them one more time and respond as Christ did. Feed my sheep.

Is it strange for me to ask the same question 3 times? What does that mean? It must mean that it’s really important and I want you to remember. Christ wanted Peter to do the work now that he would be returning to Heavenly Father.

To demonstrate that it is important for apostles to teach us of Jesus and then for us in turn to teach of Jesus, have a role-play. Bring an old missionary badge to class for a child to wear.

Teacher Role Play – Your door is knocked on by two missionaries

Pick two kids to be missionaries and have them wear the badges and knock on the door. When you answer the door, be natural and invite them in. Say something to get the conversation going about Christ.

5) A Good Example: Role-playing

Teaching the gospel or “Feeding my sheep” is not only about words, but also example.

On slips of paper write the following or similar situations in which the children could help others be stronger members of the Church. Ask a child to choose one of the slips of paper, and act out the situation with you in a role-play. Ask the rest of the kids, or pick one to demonstrate, how they can be a good example in such a situation?

a) Some of the children in your class are disturbing others during the lesson.

b) Some of your friends want to watch a bad movie.

c) A friend of yours urges you to take some candy from the store without paying for it.

d) More examples on the download sheet…

6) Honesty in all we do – Always tell the Truth (two games)

What does honesty mean? Honesty is about always telling the truth and never taking something that’s not yours.

Game #1 *Pick one kid as the class detective and tell them to wait outside the room while you plan a game of honesty. The rest of the kids except for 1 will always be untruthful, while 1 kid in the room with always tell the truth. The job of the detective is to find out who is telling the truth. The detective cannot ask any questions but rather has to observe and listen to what people are saying to find out who is truthful. The detective can make a guess at anytime to mark someone as truthful or untruthful.

– To make this work smoothly, the teacher can participate and ask the children questions to give the detective hints or clues. That may work better if the teacher doesn’t even know who the honest child is.

– Another method is to pair off the children and have them talk to each other quietly. Asking each other questions and giving answers like, “How do you like the weather?” and the other could answer, “I really like the rain.” But it may not even be raining.

Game #2 *Pick one kid as the class detective and tell them to wait outside the room while you plan a game of theft. Take one item from a child that is distinctive to them and give it to another. You can do this with multiple items if you choose. You may even have two children switch shoes. Invite the detective back in to guess which items don’t belong to the children.

It is never good to be dishonest or take something that doesn’t belong to you. You may think of a question or two to ask the class after the game.

Supplemental Questions:

1) What can you do to help children recognize ways they can bless those around them?

2) Do you need to have money to bless others?

3) What does it feel like when the Holy Ghost tells us something in our hearts?


1) Acts 1:22–26 – The Apostles call a new Apostle

2) Amos 3:7 – God does nothing without Prophets

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