Chayote Squash

I’m always looking for new vegetables to plant. This one was a tough one. You need to find a grocery store that sells the Chayote Squash. I live in Rigby Idaho were the growing season starts May 25th and ends Sep 20th about 118 Days.

I found My Squash March 1st and it started to sprout on the 15th of March. Chayote squash needs 120-150 Frost-Free Days to harvest.

I Planted my Squash in a pot. Every day I would take it out to the greenhouse for the Sunlight. On May 13th I transplanted the Squash in My Greenhouse.

I have never tasted Chayote Squash. All I have read is that it has a very mild flavor. The texture is a cross between a potato and a cucumber. And all parts: The fruit, root, stem, seeds and leaves are edible.