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John 13-17
Continue Ye in My Love

Lesson Ideas:

Show love for others – Pass a heart

To help the children share what they are learning at home, pass around a paper heart and invite each child to share something he or she does to show love for others when it is his or her turn to hold the heart. * Have them write a word on the heart that reflects this

Kindness Charades – washing His Apostles’ feet

Christ washed the feet of his apostles which was an act of kindness. Play a game of charades with the class. Each child can take turns demonstrating an act of kindness while the others guess. I’ve written out some actions you can print that the class may draw from.

– Washing someone’s feet
– Giving someone a haircut
– Chopping and stacking wood
– Cooking dinner
– Taking care of someone sick
– Give someone an umbrella in the rain
– Walk a neighbor’s dog
– Rake the leaves in the yard
– etc…

A Still Small Voice – like a whisper

Listen for the things the Holy Ghost will teach us. Tell the class that you are going to play a little game by whispering directions and actions that they must take. If they are not listening carefully they will mess up.

Example directions could be, stand up from your chair. Spin around and sit down. Hold your hand over your heart.


Keep the Commandments of the Lord – Follow directions sheet

Pass around the printable sheet to all members of class. Tell them three things. They must work alone, follow the directions on the sheet, and complete the tasks as quickly as possible.

The sheet is full of quick and easy tasks, but the directions say that all you have to do is sign your name and hand the paper in. Let’s see how many class members follow the directions.

What does the Holy Ghost do? – read and find words

Print and read the three scriptures that talk about the Holy Ghost.

John 14:26
– The Holy Ghost is the Comforter
– He shall teach you all things
– Bring all things to remembrance

John 15:26
– Spirit of truth
– Testify of me (Jesus)

John 16:13
– Guide you into all truth
– Never speaks of himself
– Speaks what he hears
– Show you things to come

Share an experience about the Holy Ghost – or read a story

Sharing a time of your own when you felt the Holy Ghost always brings a special feeling into the room. This may be the best thing to do out of all the ideas. Share a special story with the class, or have them share experiences of their own.


Wrong Choices keep us from listening to the Holy Ghost – Paper bag face

Invite each child to draw a stick figure of themselves on a paper bag. Have the whole class do so. Shine a flashlight, representing the Holy Ghost, into the bag. It will give off a strong glow around the little figures.

Then have the children each write down one thing (on a piece of paper), that gets in their way of listening to the Holy Ghost. Have them crumple up what they wrote and throw the paper in the bag. After the bad is filled try to shine the light through the bag again.

Teach that our wrong choices can limit the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Let the children remove the trash from the bag to represent repentance.

Knowing our Father and Jesus – Plants and questions

Plant a seen in your class-members hearts by showing a tomato plant and asking them questions. Read John 15:1-8

How is Jesus like a vine?

How are we like branches?

What can we do to stay close to the Savior?

A New Commandment to Love one Another – Word scramble

Cut out and scramble the words below. If they have trouble filling it out sing hymn #308, “Love one another”

As I have loved you,
Love one another,
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples.
If you have love
One to another.

Lesson Scripture Printout

Supplemental Questions:

1) How do you feel when someone helps you?
2) How is obedience a sign that you love Jesus Christ?

*During the last supper, Jesus taught His disciples about the Holy Ghost

3) How does the Holy Ghost speak to us?

He can speak to us in our mind and our heart. He can speak to us through the blessings and happiness we receive.

4) What are the roles of the Holy Ghost?

5) How does it make you feel to know that Jesus suffered and atoned for your sins?

6) How can we show Jesus that we are thankful for the Atonement?