The best time to buy seeds is at the end of the garden season. That’s when you get the best deals.

I buy them when they are 50% off and collect quite a few different varieties. I like to have a seed storage in case someday I can’t buy them anymore.

Let’s open my seed storage and take a look!

With my seeds I can start the season early by planting indoor and I don’t have to wait for the garden centers to open.

My oldest seeds are 2010 and every year I plant some just to make sure they still germinate. I place them in a large plastic container in my garage where it gets very cold, but it does not freeze. I don’t have room in my freezer to store them.

They have done very well, so every year I plant seeds from 2010-2018 depending on what plants I want. I buy seeds every year and love trying new vegetables.


What seeds do you usually store and plant?