Here in Idaho, potatoes are cheap to buy so we don’t often plant them. To try something different, we planted the colorful purple potatoes and they were a lot of fun to harvest, and eat.

We planted them in a 18″ by 3′ foot area that we could spare.

What we got out of this small area is amazing! I didn’t realize so many potatoes could fit in one spot. The kids had fun digging them out with their hands like buried treasure.

I laid out the potatoes on the table and measured out an area the same size of the box. I still don’t understand how all those potatoes fit in that space.

The purple color tricks your mind into thinking it will taste different… but it ended up tasting like regular potatoes. Again, it was fun watching the kids eat them and see their reaction.

Have you grown purple potatoes and do you like them? Leave a comment below.