This is my first time transplanting beef tomatoes. I’ll show you how. Scroll down to the end of the post to watch my video.

Step #1 – Find bigger pots and label them as you see in the picture above.

Step #2 – Fill them with your soil, but not all the way. You have to put your plant in it.

Step #3 – Water the plants before you remove them from the small pots. Water them again after transplanting.

Step #4 – Get your plant ready. Turn it over in your hand and then place it in your pot.

Step #5 – Give the plants a little more soil around the sides.

Conclusion – This is the tomatoes I planted.

Why did you put them in the shade?
– Because it wouldn’t get… so we wouldn’t have to water it again.

“Because we just transplanted them, we don’t want to leave them in the sun. It’s too hard for them.”