When planting seedlings, it is important to give them the right nutrients for quick and healthy growth. You use Pre-plant right before planting.

This is somewhat different than the Mittleider Fertilizer Mix which I address in another article.

Pre-plant Formula: (quantity needed)

Lime or Gypsum – 5 lb.

Boron (20 Mule Team Borax) 1 oz.

Epson Salt – 4 oz.

I purchased my ingredients from a local garden center and Walmart. These made-for-garden ingredients can also be purchased and shipped to you online. Once I establish the best products, prices, and recommendations, I’ll provide links below.

Gypsum Powder is when Calcium Sulfate occurs naturally. The powder is 100% water soluble. It is safe for gardening and used all over the world for this purpose.

Calcium Sulfate is used as a nutrient and/or dietary supplement in animal drugs, feeds, and related products. It is generally recognized as safe. Source: https://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov

Garden Lime increases the soil PH value. When you increase the quality of your soil, it helps plants resist diseases and soak in the nutrients that they need.

In our garden we use Gypsum, but if your annual rainfall is more than 20 inches, use lime. For rainfall less that 20 inches use Gypsum.

Boron is a naturally occurring element. We buy Borax (as you can see in the video) which contains our Boron.

Epson Salt is the last and most important ingredient and we also use it in our Mittleider Fertilizer mix. It’s key ingredient is magnesium sulfate. For people, it naturally protects your immune system and can help with strained muscles. With plants, it makes them look green, bushy, and healthy.

These substances make up your pre-plant fertilizer mix and should be used as instructed in moderation. The fertilizer is added to your boxes right before you are ready to plant.


Video: we made a big batch!


In our use of the pre-plant fertilizer, we have had great success with the start of our seeds. Many times we have 90-100% of our seeds germinate. This is when using our own mixed soil for indoor starts or in the greenhouse to get an early start on the season.