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Matthew 4; Luke 4-5
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

  • Some materials in this lesson were taken from https://www.lds.org/study/2019-come-follow-me?lang=eng. To understand the helps provided, please study the lessons manuals.
  • They were then arranged conveniently for printing. The “Come Follow Me” program is about self-learning and teaching. I have made outlines and other useful materials so that you may craft your own lesson with them.


Lesson Ideas:

Temptation Magnet object lesson

Supplies needed are a powerful neodymium magnet, a paperclip, and word strips. The word strips read, “temptation” and “choose the right”. This is a fun demonstration you can use to demonstrate temptation and worked well with my class.

On a table place one word strip on the left side and the other on the right. Put the paper clip in-between the word strips “temptation” and “choose the right”. Pick one child to move the paper clip towards “choose the right”. As they do so at some point you can use the magnet under the table to pick of the paperclip and slowly pull it to temptation. The child may continue to push the paperclip to choose the right as they resist the temptation. You can give your teaching moment afterwards.

Jesus is tempted

Jesus is tempted several times before he begins his ministry. Make a chart on the board the illustrates these temptation and how Jesus responded.

a. While Jesus was fasting and he hungered

b. He was shown kingdoms of the world and told all the power would be his

c. While Jesus was high on the Temple, Satan tempted Jesus again to throw himself off and the angels would protect him.

This lesson has many ideas for role-playing

Role-playing is just about the best way to teach in my opinion. The manual mentions to invite others to pretend to be sad, confused, or sick. Then have another child help them. You print below comes with scenario ideas and possible roles, but the execution is up to your imagination and class participation.

It is very important that the teacher lead the role. I’ve had fun/successful classes doing role-playing. Have the children focus on doing the right thing in each situation.

I’ll give an example scenario:
You recently broke the cookie jar while reaching for the treats your parents said you couldn’t have.

The concerned mother
The one who broke the jar
A friend of the one who broke the jar


After reading the scenario, have the friend try to convince the other that no one will find out you broke the jar, or maybe, “the dog did it.” At that point the mom can come in to ask what happened. The mom will find out the truth from the child’s honesty. But this does not mean everything ends smoothly. The child did the right thing, but may still get punished or receive on the spot forgiveness. It is up to you.

Church materials mention these examples of how to resist temptation:

  • What if you find something that belongs to someone else?
  • What if you promise your father you will help him but a friend comes by and asks you to play?
  • What if your friends make fun of you for not smoking some cigarettes they found (or drinking alcohol or taking drugs)?
  • What if you know you will get in trouble if you tell the truth?

Build your own Coloring Sheet

Give a blank sheet of paper to the first child in class to draw on. Have the child draw something on the sheet that demonstrates something Jesus did on earth. By the end of the class, the picture will be finished and you can scan and print the picture (from the church library) for each child to have.

Stop and go “picture” game (for younger children)

Have many pictures that show good and bad choices. For each good choice, ask the children to take a step towards the pictures. For each bad choice, have them stop.

Fishing for righteousness

Print the fish page as provided by the church.


Create your own fishing poll using magnets. Tape the magnets to the pictures and use a pole to fish them up.