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Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

  • Some materials in this lesson were taken from https://www.lds.org/study/2019-come-follow-me?lang=eng. To understand the helps provided, please study the lessons manuals.
  • They were then arranged conveniently for printing. The “Come Follow Me” program is about self-learning and teaching. I have made outlines and other useful materials so that you may craft your own lesson with them.


Lesson Ideas:

1) Before your class arrives, have planned who will read scriptures, hand out supplies, and say opening prayer. Or have their name written on the chalkboard to further drive the idea of foreordination.

– We still have our agency to choose. Class members may say no to assigned tasks.

– John the Baptist was foreordained to baptize and prepare the way of the Lord.

2)  John the Baptist Questionnaire

3) On the chalkboard you can discuss covenants. What is a covenant?

When we are baptized, we make covenants to our Heavenly Father. In return, he covenants to:

4) The Come Follow Me lesson discusses the strait and narrow path & Baptism. Have the children pass through a gate (the door to class or in-between chairs) at the beginning of the lesson. As each child goes through, hand him or her one of the papers from the printout below.

Explain that these are reasons why we must be baptized. Discuss with the children how we can keep our baptismal covenants.


Below are several color sheet images taken from lds.org and then enhanced for better printing.

This weeks set of scriptures taken from the lesson to hand out to the class.

This weeks set of questions taken from the lesson.

5) Cut out pictures of various objects (blanket, compass, tent, fire)

Invite the children to select an item and then share how each object can help us. (example)
– A blanket provides warmth
– A compass shows us the way so we don’t get lost
– A tent shelters us from the storm and protects us
– A fire brings our body warmth

6) Identify the object

Have the children close their eyes and hold out their hands to identify an object you hand them.

7) Question Hand-out Slips – About Jesus’s baptism and our baptism

The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead. This was represented by a dove that descended upon Jesus during his baptism.

Perhaps you can hand this out to the class or think of an activity using them.

7) Drape something over the window to make it darker in the classroom. Light a candle or put a small electric light in front of the class. Ask the class how they feel about the light. What it does for them while in a dark place.

8) Talk and share experiences you’ve had with the holy ghost.

9) Invite a member of the bishopric to tell the children about the baptismal interview. Create an invitation to hand the Bishop or member of the bishopric that will remind them to drop by your class during your teaching.

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