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John 1
We have found the Messiah

  • Some materials in this lesson were taken from https://www.lds.org/study/2019-come-follow-me?lang=eng. To understand the helps provided, please study the lessons manuals.
  • They were then arranged conveniently for printing. The “Come Follow Me” program is about self-learning and teaching. I have made outlines and other useful materials so that you may craft your own lesson with them.
  • Downloads can be used for primary, youth, and Sunday school.

This lesson focuses on the plan of salvation and that we have found the messiah. He has come.

1) What are the different Roles of Jesus Christ?

Ask the children what they learned of Jesus last week

– He teaches us the Gospel
– Baptism and Resurrection

– He created all things.

Read John 1:3

“All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.”

Other scripture you may include in your lesson:

What are some things God has made?

The earth
The animals
every small and simple thing

Chalkboard Lesson – Have the children each draw one thing on the board representing something God created. Have the children draw so that they go together.

Our Heavenly Father’s plan sharing idea

Where do we live before we are born as a baby? (show a baby doll if you have one)
– Our spirits lived with Heavenly Father in Heaven

What do you think it was like there?
– It was clean and without sin

Heavenly Father told us that he has a plan for us

The plan of Salvation – It was given for us so we can become like him. The plan is to come to earth and be tested. And also to have a body.

This is a full Plan of Salvation print, but the lesson only focuses on the beginning part

If you’d like something for the class to color, this is a color sheet provided by the Church. I enhanced the low resolution version to 300dpi.

Ask the kids why they might be afraid when there is no light.

– You can’t see
– You don’t know what is there

Sample story idea:
Imagine you are in a dark room and can’t see, but in the next room there is a light. What would happen if you open the door?

– Light would come in the room and you can see
– The light would chase the darkness away
What happens if you are in a room full of light and you open the door to a dark room? Does the darkness come in and swallow the light up?

– The light it brought into both rooms.

Sample questions:

How does learning about Christ brings light into your life?

– We can see clearly

– We are not afraid

Can teaching others about Christ bring light into their lives too?

The sample picture below you can download here or from the church website. It illustrates the invitation to follow Christ, but also invites others to learn of him.

*print provided by lds.org

In John 1:45, Philip invites Nathanael to come see Jesus

We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.”

All things the prophets taught and we study in the Old Testament teaches of Christ.