Powdered milk does not have a good reputation. I still remember my parents pulling the powdered milk from the food storage to try for the first time. It was nasty! I never wanted to drink powdered milk for the rest of my life… until I discovered Morning Moo’s Milk.

* image courtesy of augasonfarms.com

Moo milk tastes great. It’s the next best thing in taste from normal milk, but that’s not all it has going for it. There is really only one disadvantage from using it, and the rest are pro’s.

In my use, moo milk lasts in the fridge only a week after mixing it. That is the disadvantage. It will not last as long as traditional milk in the fridge, but if you mix it as you use it, then it lasts up to 5 years from the time you open a can. I guarantee that you won’t wait that long to use it.

Later in my life I developed a problem with milk. I started to get bad stomach aches. They started during a really hot summer when I started drinking milk outside of cereal. It wasn’t tell 5 years later that I realized the sole cause of my stomach aches was the 2%,1%,… it didn’t matter. Milk was the cause.

“The moment I stopped drinking milk my stomach aches disappeared completely.”

Not a stomach ache in years. I can eat ice-cream, cheese, and other dairy products without any problems. It’s only milk that bothers me. To test the theory, many years later I drank a glass of milk. That day, I had a terrible stomach ache. Milk was officially on the do-not-touch list.

I was introduced to Moo Milk not long after. I had forgotten what it was like to eat cereal, and let’s face it, you can’t eat cookies without milk. When I tried Moo Milk for the first time, I was relieved that it didn’t taste bad… and that it actually tasted good. I waited and to my surprise, I had no stomach aches. I have since had gallons of moo milk and have not had one stomach ache.

It simplifies cooking
Place the powder in with the meal like you would normal milk. Don’t premix it, or store it in the fridge. When making tomato soup for example, just place in the soup, powder, and water in the pot and let it cook. It mixes well under heat and you’ll notice it is a lot puffier and creamier when cooking than regular milk.

Use it easily for cereal, and you can also use it for ice-cream mixes which I do quite often. I also don’t premix it in those situations.

In conclusion, this is why I love moo milk:

1) It simplifies cooking – Throw the powder in the pot. There is no need to run to store when you run out of milk.
2) It’s advertised as a low fat whey milk
3) Perfect for emergency food storage up to 20-25 years (based on storage conditions)
4) I don’t get stomach aches!
5) It tastes good.
6) Cheap when purchased on sale. Can get as low as $10 a No. 10 can.

1) Doesn’t stay fresh long in the fridge
2) Expensive when not on sale or purchased from overpriced locations. Up to $23.99 a No. 10 can.