Garden boxes are perfect for a variety of situations. The area in which we live, has nothing but rocks and a little dirt. For us, garden boxes is our only option. They provide other benefits besides having to dig into the ground.
* getting ready to transplant the vegetables into the garden box

This is where our custom soil works the best. We dumped our sand, sawdust, and perlite in the box, and then mixed it with a small garden tiller. Our garden boxes are 8 inches deep, 4 feet wide, and 20 feet long. We use treated lumber so it will last us a long time. There are opinions against and for using this kind of wood. Before you purchase, take a look at what exactly it’s treated with. Some harmful chemicals that are used for treating wood have since been removed because of new regulations.

The video below shows how we approach building our boxes. We cut out the pieces from 2”x8”x10′ lumber and screw them together to make the box size we want. Some of our boxes are 18” wide and others 48”. Our favorite size is 36” wide, which we use in our greenhouse.


The first time growing in boxes I realized all the benefits: Which is less weeding, easy to fill with custom soil, cover and protect our plants from the wind. We set up a watering system on the boxes which makes watering super quick.

If you have any questions, comment below.