Walking Egyptian Onions are a way to have your food storage right in your garden. They are not perfect by any means, but really fun to grow and taste good. Once they are planted, you’ll notice the first thing that comes up in your garden every year is your onions.
[picture taken 4/26/18]

Somewhat like a weed, they will triple their own amount every year. They are called walking onions because they plant themselves. Just look how many we got just from planting a small bundle in this one area.

[these onions walk like an Egyptian]

When the plant reaches the end of it’s cycle, it will start to grown onion bulbs at it’s tips. You can eat these miniature onions, or plant them to get a bunch more. If you do nothing, the bulbs will plant themselves within the same area.

The bulbs get around this size. I recommend every garden have walking Egyptian onions.