Trying to lose weight by cutting chocolate from your diet? Don’t! You’re just eating the wrong chocolate. In fact, chocolate is very beneficial to your health if eaten in the right amounts and the right type. Just like all foods you eat, how they are prepared makes the difference. It won’t take long to explain healthy chocolates, and I’ll even post some great tasting ones too.
White Chocolate:

First and foremost, avoid white chocolate. It’s not even chocolate to begin with. It has sugar and lots of it, and sugar is a harmful substance to our body. White chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa solids, although it has enough cocoa butter and other substances necessary to keep the sugar in form.

* white chocolate is sugar glued together

Milk Chocolate:

So what’s left over is milk and dark chocolate. But this is a healthy life blog, so I have to tell you to avoid all milk chocolate. The reason is the same, there is too much sugar and not enough cocoa which result in less antioxidants. Sure, milk chocolate has a little of that to, but would you consider a salad healthy if it was drenched in ranch dressing?

* picture above sourced from

Dark Chocolate:

The whole point of eating chocolate is to experience a delightful heavenly treat. But for health reasons, I suggest that you eat chocolates at 70% dark or higher. I personally stop at 80% dark. Any higher a percentage, the taste is so bitter that you’re tongue may not be able to handle it.

You’re also looking for a chocolate that has a 4% – 8% ratio of sugar. With that low amount, you can eat your daily dose of chocolate a day and rid yourself of guilt. As the darkness goes up, you’ll notice the sugar goes down.

Basic health benefits of chocolate:

Many studies of dark chocolate come to the same conclusion that eating chocolate supports:
– Healthy skin,
– overall vascular health,
– lowers blood pressure,
– helps regulate insulin,
– reduces the risk of cancer
– heart trouble,
– asthma (which I personally have)
… and chocolate can make people fall in love with you

CONCLUSION: Not all chocolates are equal:

There can be quite a bit of difference in taste between chocolates at 60% and higher. Some brands are much tastier than others.  If you decide to go for 60% dark chocolates, you might as well get custom chocolates like those at Florence’s Exquisite Candies in Rexburg, Idaho. They taste delicious! The one fallback is the cocoa they use is processed with alkali. As mentioned in the tip, this process reduces the amount of flavonoids in your chocolate.

Here are a few healthy chocolates I suggest:

If you want a 60% chocolate not processed with alkali, try “Bug Bites”. For a good 72% try the Nib Mor brand. The taste is not like Florence’s, but it’s enjoyable for such a high percentage.

Lastly I enjoy the Nib Mor 80%. I eat one a day to squash my cravings when I want to snack. Personally, they taste better than the 72% to me and has raw cocoa nibs baked right into the square.

Chocolate Recap:
1) Avoid chocolate treated with Alkali
2) Aim for 70% chocolate or higher… 60% if you must for taste reasons
3) If chocolates bitter, it’s better
4) Sugar content from 4-8% preferred

What great tasting chocolates have you eaten? Let me know in the comments below.